I am based in stunning Dorset and my childhood mostly spent on the handlebars of my dad's motorbike adventuring on the dirt roads of Zimbabwe. I moved to London to be a teenager and that's where the spark was lit for photography. I graduated with a degree in Fine Art, and BSc in Natural Science. Londons crazy vibe, from the music, the people and the mix of cultures, I learned to use the camera to paint it all for my degree and I fell for the camera in the process.

I love to experiment and look for new ways to represent your story with a creative, honest style. Photographs should make you feel something, so I shoot for raw, beautifully gritty emotion, in an unobtrusive way. I believe it is the emotion that connects us to the images; they have the ability to freeze time, however much our memories fade and that is their magic.

I am also a mama, with a little son who wants to be a 'Tog-ro-pher' when he grows up. He has his own camera and his own set of pictures that tell his story... everything from a knee-high perspective. He hopes to marry me one day and has chosen our song ‘True Colours' ... so I will have to explain the whole marriage thing to him someday, but not yet.

When I don't have a camera in my hand I'm exploring, finding new music, going places with my son, getting muddy at festivals, deciding what motorbike to buy on eBay or deciding where our next adventure is going to be.

If that sounds like everything you want in a photographer then that's awesome and you should say hello!