Dorset Wedding Photographer

Welcome to my new site! Ellen J x


I am based in stunning Dorset and my childhood mostly spent on the handlebars of my dad's motorbike adventuring on the dirt roads of Zimbabwe. I moved to London to be a teenager and that's where the spark was lit for photography. I graduated with a degree in Fine Art, and BSc in Natural Science. Londons crazy vibe, from the music, the people and the mix of cultures, I learned to use the camera to paint it all for my degree and I fell for the camera in the process.

I love to experiment and look for new ways to represent your story with a creative, honest style. Photographs should make you feel something, so I shoot for raw, beautifully gritty emotion, in an unobtrusive way. I believe it is the emotion that connects us to the images; they have the ability to freeze time, however much our memories fade and that is their magic.